Steering Committee

What is the Steering Committee?

The members of the Steering Committee are the elected representatives of the Story Preservation Association.  The Story Preservation Association is the non-profit organization of the F.Q. Story Historic District, located in Phoenix, Arizona. If you own or rent residential or commercial property in the Story Neighborhood, you are automatically a member of the Story Preservation Association. The Steering Committee and its officers, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, are elected each year in April by the residents of the neighborhood. View our bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. (pdf file-go to Adobe if you need the free Acrobat Reader)

This Year's Steering committee

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Steering Committee

Name Address Email Phone #
Will Denney, President 1118 W. Culver w_denney@nospamyahoo.com 602-291-7637
Steven Methvin, VP 722 W. Willetta phxspm@nospamyahoo.com 602-291-7637
Maureen Towne, Secretary    1105 W. Willetta townefamily4@nospamgmail.com 602.402.9704
Liz Atkinson, Treasurer 1105 W. Lynwood liz.atkinson@nospamoutlook.com    480-231-9114
Members at Large
Jean Barnhart 1101 W. Portland jeankb@nospamaol.com 913-484-4293
CJ Carenza 1305 W. Lynwood ccarenza@nospamcox.net 602-573-7782
Bob Croft 718 W. Roosevelt bobc@nospamcbnclean.com 602-695-3337
Kelsey Dake 1141 W. Culver kelseydake@nospamgmail.com 602-300-0397
Diego Delgadillo 738 W. Moreland Diego3@nospamcox.net 602-253-4265
Christopher Dillman 926 W. Willetta christopher.dillman@nospamabbott.com     503-313-0578
Steve Dreiseszun 1125 W. Culver sdviewpnt@nospamaol.com 602-253-2223
Gary & Diane Hochstetler 705 W. Portland gshoch@nospamcox.net 602-253-1362
Milt Jacobs 934 W. Willetta mljacobs2000@nospamyahoo.com 602-622-5518
Kristina Krump 937 W. Portland goterps2000@nospamgmail.com 602-430-1736
Cheryl McGregor 710 W. Moreland tismeinaz@nospammac.com 602-257-1697
Jason Brown Martinez 718 W. Culver jasonizm1010@nospamgmail.com 602-228-9800
Ginger Mattox 1606 W. Lynwood    gmattox@nospamcox.net 602-340-0381
Zeth Tovrea 1102 W. Culver zethtovrea@nospamgmail.com 602-469-1578
Joe Zbick 1105 W. Latham jpzbick@nospammsn.com 602-307-9799

Steering Committee member bios

Just for fun—here's an Excel file listing all the Steering Committee people from 1997 to the present.

Steering Committee Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Kenilworth School Auditorium. If the location or date changes, the info will be posted. Agendas and minutes will be posted here as they are available.

All Story residents and other interested parties are encouraged to attend the Steering Committee meetings.  If you would like to have an item added to the agenda, please contact Will Denney or phone him at 602-695-3337.

The Steering Committee Treasurer's Reports prior to April 2016 may be found HERE. Due to recent events with FAA Litigation, recent reports have been relocated. These reports will be available again once litigation has been complete. If you would like access before that time, please contact an SPA Officer for the link to their current location.

SPA Meeting Minutes
2003 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
May January January January January January
  February February February February February
2010 March April March March SM Feb 24th
November April May April April March
  May June May May April
  June July June June May
  September August July August June
  October September September September July
  December November October October August
    December November November September
        December October

Some of these minutes are pdf, others are .doc and some are .docx. Click HERE to download Adobe PDF Reader for free.

Due to recent events with FAA Litigation, the minutes have been relocated. These reports will be available again once litigation has been complete. If you would like access before that time, please contact an SPA Officer for the link to their current location. A summary of the minutes can be found in the StoryTime.

Notes from the President
2016 2017
May January