What is the RNAV and why is this appointment important to the neighborhood? It's my understanding that Congress instructed the FAA to speed up the NEXTGEN process which ultimately led to them leaving out the public input component for impacted neighborhoods.


(from Steve Dreiseszun) This is a step in the process, taken by the City, to assist in pursuing mitigation. The unintended consequence of the flight path change for us occurred because of the "expedited" directive to implement NextGen. Now, the FAA needs to see what can be done to reduce the impacts and still reach the goals that NextGen is supposed to achieve. It will be a balancing act and there are competing interests. The RNAV Working Group Councilwoman Pastor mentions is the same "Performance Based Navigation" (PBN) Working Group reconvened by FAA Administrator Huerta…https://skyharbor.com/pdf/FAAResponseToP

This is the group that designed the flight paths for NextGen here.

As I understand it, the PBN Working Group will look at the impacted areas and consider adjustments to the flight paths or procedures to mitigate noise.

During the recent "Community Outreach" meetings, the public offered suggestions that went beyond the "go back to the pre 9/18/2014" flight paths.

I expect this group to review this data from the Community, plus the noise complaint data Sky Harbor has been gathering. I also expect the suggestions made by the retired FAA inspector, who presented at the FAA meeting in Oct, to be included in their review, as the FAA indicated in their 30 day response letter from Nov 14, 2014…http://on.fb.me/1Fx7BJW

The Oct, 2014 meeting video is here… (Link to come)

The PBN Working Group is expected to meet this Thursday, according to Councilwoman Pastor who made this statement at the Paramount Petroleum Air Quality Update meeting at F Q Story’s February meeting at Kenilworth School. She also confirmed the participation of Ed Pastor, as already noted. Hope this helps.