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Here is a pdf of the law concerning door-to-door solicitors

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Dave Stanton's second very informative article on historic preservation

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Long-time neighbor Patricia Wakefield reminds us of when the circus animals paraded up 15th Avenue on their way to the Coliseum for the Barnum and Bailey Circus.

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An article by our Prez about the above

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Mission Statement: To preserve and revitalize residential neighborhoods and adjacent commercial properties and promote historic preservation efforts throughout Central Phoenix.

The Story neighborhood is one of Phoenix's first historic districts. Its 602 homes date from the late 1920s and span a variety of architectural styles, including Spanish Colonial Revival, English Tudor, Craftsman bungalows and transitional ranch. Homes are listed on both the federal and state registers of historic places. The neighborhood is bounded by McDowell Road, Roosevelt Street, Seventh Avenue and Grand Avenue. It is governed by the Story Preservation Association, a non-profit group consisting of Story residents. The association was started in 1984.

Neighbors enjoy proximity to downtown with Chase Field ballpark close by, as well as Symphony Hall and other cultural venues, restaurants and art galleries, and the ability to hop on the light rail for trips to Tempe and Mesa.

Here's a link to a Powerpoint file which is a map of the neighborhood.

Neighborhood updates

3rd and 5th Avenues to Become 2-Way?

My name is Jacque Radke and I live on Lynwood. I also teach at Kenilworth school. Last night I was at the Phoenix Elementary School Board meeting and heard a presentation by Ray Dovalina from the City of Phoenix Transportation Department. He was there primarily to give information about a meeting Thursday Oct 22 from 6 - 8 pm at the Irish Cultural Center where the city is holding an open house to gather input from the community on the proposed change to downtown streets, specifically the proposal to change 3rd and 5th Ave to 2-way streets. I was surprised to hear him say that the city had mailed out information cards to the residents of the area informing them of the meeting. I spoke to him directly and told him that I hadn't received any information. He informed me that the city did not include FQ Story because we are W. of 7th Ave (the proposed are for changes are between 7th Ave and 7th St, McDowell South to Washington). He also said he 'thought' they had notified our board about the meeting

I expressed my opinion that the Story neighborhood should be included in all mailings....I haven't noticed any information about the meeting in the StoryTime or on Next Door, which makes me wonder if the city is, in fact, keeping the board informed.

I wasn't sure if anyone from our neighborhood would want to attend the meeting to voice their opinions, or if it's possible to let people know at this late date.

Mr. Dovalina did say that someone from our board could call and request to be included in future information (apparently that's what Willo did, so they did receive the mailing about the meeting next week). In case you need it, here is his contact information

Ray Dovalina
City of Phoenix, Street Transportation Department
200 W. Washington St., 5th floor
Phoenix 85003


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